Tree Removal Goes Horribly Wrong for These Contractors and Their Chevy Truck


Felling a tree in an open area with nothing around it is fairly straightforward—just chop and watch it fall, making sure to stay out of the way. But felling one next to a home, building, or other structure is more of a cause for concern since the tree needs to fall the right way to avoid a disaster. I guess these guys didn’t get that memo. Although they did do the right thing by tying a rope to the tree and pulling it taut with a Chevy truck, they made a couple key mistakes that led to a big-time fail.


The Big Issues

It appears that the biggest issue here is that the tree should have been chopped directly behind the truck instead of to the side, since a tree will typically fall to the side where it’s chopped. The tree was felled on the opposite side of the building, which is a good idea, but it seems the problem is that the truck is pulling in a different direction than where the tree is being cut. The tree is also already leaning back towards the building. The result is that the tree is being pulled back towards the direction it was leaning.


If the guy in the Chevy could have pulled away faster, the disaster may have been avoided. The fault here though, was more in where the tree was chopped and where the truck was. The guy kept the rope taut and started pulling away, but the tree was already headed in the wrong direction from the get-go. If you’re a Ford guy you might be thinking, “That’s what happens when you use a Chevy,” but the truck wasn’t the main issue here.

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