The Mega Ram Runner Takes on a 92′ Marmon Semi Truck in a Epic Tug of War Battle


The Mega Ram Runner is a specially made truck with a ridiculous 600-horsepower Cummins. That’s one powerful engine, but does it have enough power to beat a semi truck in a tug of war? The DieselSellerz crew recently accepted the challenge to pit their supped-up truck against a 1992 Marmon semi truck. Who will win this battle between a Cummins truck engine and Cat semi engine? You’re about to find out. But first, let’s find out more about each competitor.


The Custom-Built Mega Ram Runner Truck

Custom-made by the DieselSellerz crew and MegaX2, the Mega Ram Runner was built from a rolled 2012 Dodge Ram 3500. The original truck has a 350-horsepower engine, but the crew modified it to nearly double its horsepower. The Mega Ram Runner made its first appearance at the SEMA show in 2014. Here are some of its awesome specs in addition to that 600-horsepower Cummins engine:

  • 6-door cab
  • 4 giant stacks in the bed
  • 4-speed transmission
  • Custom suspension with coilover shocks
  • 5-ton military axles
  • 40,000-pound towing capacity

The Companies: DieselSellerz and MegaX2

Who are the two companies behind this custom-built monster? Well, DieselSellerz is the world’s largest diesel truck classifieds community, connecting buyers and sellers of new and used trucks. In addition to this website, they also do truck giveaways from time to time. MegaX2, on the other hand, specializes in converting regular cabs into 6-door cabs. They’ve done some pretty cool conversions over the years, but this Mega Ram might just be the best one of all.


Origins of the Marmon Motor Company

The Mega Dodge Ram was up against quite a challenge here with the 1992 Marmon semi. It’s likely that you’ve never heard the name Marmon before, and that’s because the company shut down their operations in 1997. The Marmon Motor Company, as it was called, was the successor to the Marmon Motor Car Company, which was established in 1902. Started by Howard Marmon in Indianapolis, Indiana, Marmon’s high-end cars quickly gained a reputation of being speedy and reliable. The company lasted until 1933, but still lives on through their holding company, the Marmon Group.

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