Lucky Kid Driving His Own Mini Kenworth Truck


If your son is crazy about big trucks, here’s the perfect gift for them. It’s a working mini Kenworth semi truck that was built from used parts and scrap metal by a guy who’s clearly the opposite of a deadbeat dad. It’s obvious that a lot of man hours went into building this kid-sized semi, but the result is something unique that few other kids have. And the nice thing is that he has a pretty big yard to drive it around in.


Kenworth Trucks

Kenworth trucks are some of the best out there, so this guy chose a good semi to base his mini on. Though the company was founded in 1923, Kenworth’s story begins a few years before that, when two brothers started Gerlinger Motor Car Works. Starting out as a car and truck dealership, it eventually evolved into a truck manufacturing business as the brothers turned their attention to building a more powerful truck: one with an inline 6-cylinder engine. Their first truck came out in 1915, and was used for logging in the Northwest. After eventually being bought by Edgar Worthington, a Seattle businessman, and Frederick Kent, the company was renamed Kenworth. At this time, assembly lines were all the rage, but the unique thing about Kenmore is that they built their trucks in individual bays.


The Company Today

Kenworth made a successful foray into the bus industry from the 1930s up through the 50s, producing school and other transit buses that were widely used. Since the 60s, however, they have specialized solely in heavy-duty Class 5-8 trucks. The mini Kenworth truck replica looks quite similar to the W900 Class 8, an iconic Kenmore model that was first made in 1961 and that is still being produced today. Here are some of the spec highlights of the current model:

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