Driver Unloads Tons of Concrete Pipe in Seconds


Unloading concrete pipe from a semi truck bed can be a long and tedious process, but this impatient truck driver has found a quick and easy shortcut. Instead of unloading the safe, traditional way, He simply uses the forward momentum of the semi truck to roll the pipe off the truck bed. This method is risky because the concrete could crack or break when it hits the ground, but it takes only a few seconds and it’s definitely a lot more fun.

Driver Unloads Tons of Concrete Pipe in Seconds

The Right Way

Concrete pipe can get expensive, so you really don’t want to drop it off of a trailer, even though it is easy and looks cool. The traditional way to unload concrete pipe is by slowly rolling it down a ramp. Of course, you’re not going to be able to do this by hand unless you’re the Incredible Hulk or Superman, so unloading is usually done using an excavator. By putting the truck bed on a slight angle and using an excavator bucket to control the rolling, you can get concrete piping off of a truck bed without risking damage.


Of course, before you put the truck on an angle, the pipes should still be secured. Then you can put the bucket in front of the pipes to prevent them from rolling off, and then take the chains and ropes off that are securing the pipes. The excavator bucket can then be used to safely guide the concrete pipe down the ramp. Although letting the pipes just roll down the ramp is safer than dropping them off the truck bed, there is a risk of damaging the pipes doing it that way as well.

The Better Way

Realizing that unloading pipes with a machine such as an excavator isn’t a very efficient or convenient method, H.H. Schmidgall came up with an idea for a mechanical pipe unloader in 1956. This mechanical loader could be easily welded to the back of a truck bed, and consisted of an apparatus with hydraulic forks that safely secured and lowered concrete pipe to the ground. The loader has had a few modifications as time has gone on, but it is still widely used for pipe unloading today. Known as the Pipemaster, the loader is easy to operate and speeds up delivery time. It unloads concrete pipes in a simple four-step process:

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