Get ready for some serious speed! This flat-bottom drag boat named “Fools Paradise” has an engine with some awesome blower surge. The boat takes off like a rocket, albeit horizontally instead of vertically, and skids across the water at breakneck speeds. The surge from the blower gives you that awesome sound to go along with […]


Odd name for a personal track vehicle, but perfect for someone who logs a lot of miles each day wandering about doing their job site. The real question is what does it cost to build and how is the ROI as compared to other personal transportation devices.At the top of the line are the Polaris […]


This is the Mini-Ripsaw as developed by Howe and Howe Technologies. The original Ripsaw, developed by the same company, gained the attention of the US Army and was deployed in Iraq for testing. What you see in the video is a prototype of the same family of vehicles designed by H & H Tech. The […]


The is one of the later episodes in what is a remarkable diary that takes a standard Wheel Horse 20 riding lawn mower and turns it into a six-wheeled utility vehicle. The walkthrough is amazing, and it is an inspiring story that depicts the passion of making a dream into a reality. What is also […]


It’s been a miserable winter for much of the US this year, especially the Northeast, and although there are plenty of car wrecks caused by the bad weather, here’s something more positive for you. Whether you’re a Ford guy or not, you’ll appreciate the power on display as a Good Samaritan pulls a semi out […]

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