This Military Base Uses Tank Transporters to Remove Deep Rooted Tree Stumps


There are a lot of ways to remove a big tree stump — some more effective than others — but very few of them are as fun as pulling one out with a military truck tractor. The heavy-duty artillery hauler you’ll see here is the famed MAZ-537, and it’s a real beast. The tree stump definitely isn’t small, so you can see why you would need something this big and powerful to uproot it. The MAZ is well-known for its hauling capabilities, but tree roots can run very deep. It’s tough to say who will win this battle, but some more background about this truck tractor may give you a better idea of its odds here.


Origins and Specs of the MAZ-537 Hauler

The original MAZ, the MAZ-535, was first produced in 1958. Manufactured for military purposes at the Minsk Automobile Plant in Belarus, it was built to haul artillery such as ballistic missiles. It was equipped with a 375-horsepower engine and could carry up to 15,000 pounds. As impressive as those numbers are, though, they would pale in comparison to its successor: the MAZ-537.


Equipped with a semi-trailer, this tank transporter is capable of towing battle tanks weighing up to an amazing 110,000 pounds. It’s also able to haul these loads in remote off-road areas. In addition to that impressive towing capacity, here are some of its other specs:

  • V-12 diesel engine with 525 horsepower
  • 3-speed hydromechanical transmission
  • AWD with power-assisted steering on the front 4 wheels
  • Can carry up to 30,000 pounds without semi-trailer
  • Weighs 47,620 pounds
  • Is just over 29 feet high and 10 feet tall

Have You Seen One Before?

You have probably seen a MAZ-537 before whether you know it or not, because they carried various ballistic missiles in the May Day parades of the Cold War to show off Russia’s military might. Footage of these parades pops up all over the place on history shows and in various movies. Production of the 537 stopped in 1990, which might lead you to believe that there aren’t many of them around anymore. They haven’t been relegated to just pulling out tree stumps nowadays, though. In fact, many are still used by the Russian and Ukrainian militaries today. And, in fact, the MAZ-537 remains the Ukraine military’s only tank transporter.

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