The Mini Ripsaw From Howe & Howe Technologies Brings Military All-Terrain Vehicle to the Civilian Sector


This is the Mini-Ripsaw as developed by Howe and Howe Technologies. The original Ripsaw, developed by the same company, gained the attention of the US Army and was deployed in Iraq for testing. What you see in the video is a prototype of the same family of vehicles designed by H & H Tech. The mini Ripsaw has a lot of potential for many types of uses, so of which are none military in nature. For Skiers and boarders, it could be the perfect vehicle to take you to the top of the mountain. For search and rescue crews, it would enable single teams to branch out and survey a wider area. For Bowhunters, strap on your Mission Craze bow, hope on the Mini Ripsaw and in a short time you could find the perfect hunting ground for winter grouse, or a camping spot from which to hunt. There are a lot of uses for this vehicle even military uses.


Howe and Howe Technologies

The dynamic duo over at Howe and Howe Technologies have a huge line of extreme vehicles. Though it does not appear that the Mini Ripsaw is available for commercial use. They have an alternative the Ripchair 3.0 which seems to offer quite a bit of personal use and applications including hunting. One of their more exciting lines of products includes the robotic applications. This is a big deal for military and civilian governmental agencies such as police and fire departments. Like the big cousin the Ripsaw, these unmanned vehicles become tools that save soldier’s lives.


The Ripsaw is an unmanned tank, whereas the Mini Ripsaw offers transportation of one or two people over rugged terrain. Add in a tactile gun and some front armor and the military could assemble an assault force of amazing potential. The Ripsaw, as an unmanned tank, offers a lot of options including crowd control through the use of MCCM such as rubber bullets. It’s most likely use would be in a military setting where it could scout, and even defend troops or convoys. It offers multiple cameras that allow personnel to monitor the area around the tank. If we switch back to the Mini Ripsaw, the fast paced machine might provide rapid deployment of significant forces. Enough even to take down tanks and aircraft. Where this technology is going is insane. If you think back to the Navy’s recent laser test where they took a drone out of the sky with a laser, then the era of Star Wars is really upon us. If that is the case, you may need more than a Mission Crazy bow, but certainly, the mission would be crazy.

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