The Magic Carpet is a Custom Personal Tracked All-Terrain Vehicle Powered by a Go Kart Engine


Odd name for a personal track vehicle, but perfect for someone who logs a lot of miles each day wandering about doing their job site. The real question is what does it cost to build and how is the ROI as compared to other personal transportation devices.At the top of the line are the Polaris vehicles which combine power and function to create a machine that goes just about anywhere. What is impressive about the Magic Carpet Go Kart is that is goes over so many different types of terrain. Another good feature is that you can build it yourself following his plans. Still, it does not have the power of a Polaris or even an ATV and in some kinds of terrain it would likely bog down because of the lack of power. It would be awesome if you could attach a snow blower or a mower. If so, it would take on a more practical approach. such a beast might clear snow from sidewalks in record time.  If used at it is shown then it would have many uses as a personal transportation vehicle, even in a business setting.


Open Power System

I remember when the ATV motorcycles first came out on the market. They were three-wheelers and if you were not careful with where you put your leg the back tire would catch it and drag you off the bike. There is potential for injury with the Magic Carpet Go Kart too. The open drive system is just begging for someone’s foot to slip inside. Another problem is that the open tracks flip up mud, dirt, and whatever other nasty things the vehicle runs over. At the very least it needs mud flaps so that you do not end up wearing the terrain. It seems like an easy fix to just fit aluminum or plastic skin over the tracks and at the same time closing up the entry to the drive and track system.


Balance and Drive of the Track Driven Vehicle

Have you ever watched a skateboarder trucking down the street when suddenly their board stops and the rider just keeps going? The overall design of this has the same makeup of that skateboard. Expect gravity is likely going to be used against you at every possible juncture. What would be interesting is if the tracks rotated or if the drive platform rotated. This would work so that you could apply the best side of the tracks for the terrain on which you are traveling. Maybe the short side would elevate the drive platform a little for driving through puddles while the longer top track could be used for snow and sand where you need more surface area. It would also help if the drive axles were extended automatically to provide a wider center of gravity for travel over movable surfaces, such as sand. At this point, we are probably getting close to the price of a Polaris. However, I don’t really see this as a mass market item. I see this as more of a specialist’s item where the joy of building it is half of the fun. To that end, it gets my approval, and I hope that people look at this project with an eye for ingenuity. The real beauty of this creation is in the adaptability of its use by builders. Can we focus on:

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