This 6×6 Wheel Horse Raider 20 Is the Ultimate in Off-Road Utility Vehicles and Lawn Tractors


The is one of the later episodes in what is a remarkable diary that takes a standard Wheel Horse 20 riding lawn mower and turns it into a six-wheeled utility vehicle. The walkthrough is amazing, and it is an inspiring story that depicts the passion of making a dream into a reality. What is also presented is the power that learning has on the ability of a person to craft an idea and turn it into reality. Does the new creation replace the Wheel Horse riding lawn mower? Nope, you still need to mow the lawn, and Wheel Horse makes fine lawn machines. If you want the perfect lawn, start with a great machine. Though Wheel Horse began operating in 1946 it closed up shop in 1986. For today’s best lawn tractors Husqvarna makes a solid brute with affordable prices.


The Story As It Unfolds:

You can blame this story on the booze. In fact, the Old Speckled Hen seems to be the gateway to this mad adventure. That is when the boys discovered that the idea of adding two extra wheels to a riding lawn mower would transform the beast of burden into one of England’s last dragons. The dream of all tractor dreams may seem simple, but it becomes a journey of complex issues that lasts the better half of four years. That’s right, four years. The duo gets props for staying focused on a project for four years. If you notice, that the new version of the Wheel Horse Raider is quite a bit longer than the original then you have begun to notice why this project is complicated.


From Thought to Reality — Scary

What kind of complications you ask? Well, one of the first problems is that the drive track needed to be widened in order to accommodate the extra wheels. That is really just a sizing issue, but to solve that problem requires massive structural changes to the frame. Introducing the longer wider Raider 20 6×6. The exciting part for me in many projects that are similar to this one is the brain power that goes into the job.

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