Incredible Footage of a Speeding Trains Plowing Through Heavy Snow on the Tracks Like its Nothing


Witness a train plow through built up snow on the train tracks. The power of a train as a physical object and make snow blowing seem like child’s play. So how does a train remove snow from the tracks? Unlike in your driveway, a train does not use a snow blower to remove snow from the tracks. Many trains use a plow to remove snow from the tracks. In fact, they work much better for trains then would a snow blower. While you and I might be stuck with a snow shovel or a snow blower, trains just use their might to push snow off of the tracks. There is, however, an odd type of snow plows for trains that use a huge fan literally as a snow blower. The train is likely using a small plow. Notice that this is not just a single engine but two engines working together to plow through several feet of snow.


What is the Danger of Trains and Snow?

It may seem as though trains are impervious to snow. The reality is quite a bit different. While, in most cases, a train would just plow through snow, but remember that snow is not just powdery fluff. Cold weather also brings ice. On a slight grade with icy tracks, a train would likely be stalled. Also, depending on how the ice formed it could present a situation where once the train hit the ice, the train itself would be lifted off of the tracks where it would derail. A derailed train is a dangerous thing in many ways. Most tracks are shared by not just one railroad, but many railroads. A derailed train in high snow is just another accident waiting to happen.


You’ll notice how high the snow flies when it is being removed by a train. Certain images there appeared as though waves were crashing over the bow of a ship. What that shows us that visibility is compromised. If you add into that snow that is falling, then visibility becomes questionable at best. The problem is that a train does not just stop. It might take a mile or more for a train to come to a complete stop, and that would not be enough time for two trains to avoid each other, and a crash would occur. So trains in snow can be dangerous.

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