Incredible Footage of a 106 Year Old Restored Blackstone Oil Engine’s First Start Up


Witness a 106-year old oil engine come back to life. From priming the engine for use, starting it, and then watching it run. The process is straight forward, and the machine is amazingly beautiful. This antique pump was originally used to deliver water from a creek to a garden and that simple process is now handled by commercial water systems or immersible pumps, such as a Polypropylene pump, both of which do not have the beauty that this old engine pump has.


The Story of the Engine’s Past

Historically, this piece of equipment is interesting, but it has a history that might surprise you. According to the bio, someone damaged the pump’s cylinder by planting an explosive device in the pump. This occurred in the 1920’s, which was a time of great violence in many parts of the United States. We don’t hear much about the 1920’s, but that was the rise of the mafia and legendary criminals such as Al Capone, Tony Accardo, Lucky Luciano, Vito Genovese, Jack Diamond, Frank Nitti, and many others.


These are all leaders of organized crime and many ran families. This was a time of great struggle between workers and business owners. It was a time before unions and really a last pulse of what was the developing nation shedding its skin to become a highly developed nation. The industrial revolution, the invention of the assembly line, and the widespread use of automobiles all played a part in this leg of American history. The pump you see was touched by many of these aspects of history. Today, if someone used an explosive device to disable a pump it would be considered an act of terrorism. Back then, it was almost a way of life. The great personal freedoms that we have today did not exist back then. Interestingly enough, women could not even vote then.

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