Talented Operator Tries to Undress Gameshow Contestant with His Backhoe Bucket


Removing a woman’s clothing can be fun, but did you also know it can be extremely dangerous? Well, it can be if you undress her in an unconventional way: say–I don’t know–with a Case excavator perhaps? That’s exactly what this expert excavator operator does on some sort of mexican game or talent show from the looks of it. It’s the excitement of stripping combined with the use of heavy machinery; what could be better!


Risky Business

Within moments of the stunt attempt, you will see how dangerous this actually is for the woman. It’s important not only that she stands still, but that the operator is extremely precise moving the arm. One sudden movement in the wrong direction and she gets nailed in the head with hundreds of pounds of steel. So just when you think it couldn’t get any better with stripping and heavy machinery, now there’s the suspense that the risk of injury brings. Furthermore, you can appreciate the level of prowess that the excavator operator has to have with his machine.


A Brief History of an Excavator

The excavator is a natural progression of the steam shovel, which was created in 1839. Steam shovels were the first digging machines, and they changed the construction industry forever. (Who knew that their ancestors would go on to perform the even more critical role of removing women’s clothing about 170 years later!) Powered by steam, obviously, the steam shovel was critical to 19th and 20th century construction projects, including the Panama Canal and railroads.

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