Witness a train plow through built up snow on the train tracks. The power of a train as a physical object and make snow blowing seem like child’s play. So how does a train remove snow from the tracks? Unlike in your driveway, a train does not use a snow blower to remove snow from the […]

Dad Builds Scale Replica of His D-8 CAT Bulldozer for His Lucky Son

It’s not an exact replica, but this bulldozer built from lawn mower and snowmobile parts looks pretty similar to the real deal. It not only bears the distinctive CAT colors and trademark but is also fully functional. You’ll also see that the dozer’s simple design makes it easy enough for a 2-year-old to use, as […]

How to Get 14-Ton Doosan Digger off of a Silage Pit

When making a silage pit, you typically want to build a ramp up to the top so you can easily go up and down. I guess this guy didn’t get that memo, and now his Doosan excavator is stuck on top of a pile of silage about 10 feet tall. You wonder how he even […]


There are a lot of ways to remove a big tree stump — some more effective than others — but very few of them are as fun as pulling one out with a military truck tractor. The heavy-duty artillery hauler you’ll see here is the famed MAZ-537, and it’s a real beast. The tree stump […]


You may have seen the stunt where a BMW motorcycle pulls a tablecloth out from under a long table with a set of fancy dinnerware. Well, this is the version of that trick made especially for the country folk out there. That BMW motorcycle has been replaced with a John Deere 5510N tractor; and instead […]


If you’re looking for a good thrill, there are a ton of things you could do. You could go on an incredibly fast rollercoaster with huge drops, find a bridge to go bungee jumping off of, or do some base jumping off a cliff. But this guy has a much more unique way of getting […]


Removing a woman’s clothing can be fun, but did you also know it can be extremely dangerous? Well, it can be if you undress her in an unconventional way: say–I don’t know–with a Case excavator perhaps? That’s exactly what this expert excavator operator does on some sort of mexican game or talent show from the […]


Witness a 106-year old oil engine come back to life. From priming the engine for use, starting it, and then watching it run. The process is straight forward, and the machine is amazingly beautiful. This antique pump was originally used to deliver water from a creek to a garden and that simple process is now handled by […]


Odd name for a personal track vehicle, but perfect for someone who logs a lot of miles each day wandering about doing their job site. The real question is what does it cost to build and how is the ROI as compared to other personal transportation devices.At the top of the line are the Polaris […]


This is the Mini-Ripsaw as developed by Howe and Howe Technologies. The original Ripsaw, developed by the same company, gained the attention of the US Army and was deployed in Iraq for testing. What you see in the video is a prototype of the same family of vehicles designed by H & H Tech. The […]

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