When you think of fast boats, a pontoon boat usually doesn’t come to mind. Their rectangular shape isn’t necessarily built for speed, but one guy found a way around that: add more motors!  You’ll not only be able to see the speed, but will also be able to hear it. But before you do that, […]


Have you ever played with a remote-controlled boat? How about one equipped with a pole and reel that could actually catch fish? This certainly isn’t the kind of thing you can just go to the local store and buy. (Although as you’ll see later, you can actually buy something similar online.) This tech-savvy fisherman made […]


Get ready for some serious speed! This flat-bottom drag boat named “Fools Paradise” has an engine with some awesome blower surge. The boat takes off like a rocket, albeit horizontally instead of vertically, and skids across the water at breakneck speeds. The surge from the blower gives you that awesome sound to go along with […]

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