Extreme Off-Road Driving: Humvee Goes Completely Underwater


The Humvee and its civilian counterpart the Hummer are designed to ford up to 30 inches of water. This modified Humvee, though, is about to get fully submerged in a river. Will it stall at the bottom of the river bed or power its way through to the other side? Before we find out the answer, let’s see what makes this vehicle capable of driving completely underwater and learn more about some of its characteristics.

Extreme Off-Road Driving: Humvee Goes Completely Underwater!

A Humvee, not a Hummer H1

The guy who posted this isn’t quite sure if the vehicle is a Humvee or a Hummer H1. The giveaway that it’s a Humvee is that the back end of the vehicle is slanted down. If it was an H1, it would have a square back or truck bed. The Humvee has an available fully enclosed metal cabin and is made of lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum. Its unique drivetrain rises into the cabin area creating a chest-high transmission hump, which gives it a lower center of gravity compared to other vehicles. There are several versions of this military vehicle including some with supplemental armor, missile carriers, and winches. While there are several models that have the square back or truck bed like the Hummer H1, the slanted-back design found on models such as the M1114 is unique to the Humvee.


A Crucial Military Vehicle

The Humvee has been in service in the US and other militaries since 1984. AM General was awarded the contract to produce the Humvee, and they would go on to deliver 55,000 of these vehicles in the first five years of production. By 1991, they had delivered 72,000 Humvees to the military, and these light armored cars and light utility vehicles were critical in winning the Gulf War and later conflicts. The production cost of a Humvee is up to $220,000, and there have been 281,000 made since 1984.

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