Fisherman Catches Record Breaking Fish With a Remote-Controlled Fishing Boat


Have you ever played with a remote-controlled boat? How about one equipped with a pole and reel that could actually catch fish? This certainly isn’t the kind of thing you can just go to the local store and buy. (Although as you’ll see later, you can actually buy something similar online.) This tech-savvy fisherman made a custom RC boat capable of snagging a big fish. Operating the boat from his boat a few feet away, he has a long battle with the large fish, and luckily for us it was all recording for our viewing pleasure.


His Remote Controlled Fishing Setup

The creator of this RC fishing boat made it completely from scratch. And as he says in the comments, it wasn’t exactly cheap; the parts were about $800, and putting it together cost another $80 to $100. He calls his RC boat the Interceptor Gen 2. It has a flat, sturdy base with a fishing rod attached to a solid metal frame, and there’s a remote-controlled reel behind that. I guess you could say it’s kind of like playing a video game to catch a fish, but the results are as real as it gets.


How to Build Your Own RC Fishing Boat

So if you are looking to build your own RC fishing boat from scratch, you are looking at a similar time and money investment to what this guy put in. However, there’s a much easier shortcut if you want to get one of your own. This involves taking your existing RC boat, or buying one, and then converting it into a boat that can catch fish.

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