Amazingly Powerful Flat Bottom Blown V-8 Drag Boat Test Drive at the Lake


Get ready for some serious speed! This flat-bottom drag boat named “Fools Paradise” has an engine with some awesome blower surge. The boat takes off like a rocket, albeit horizontally instead of vertically, and skids across the water at breakneck speeds. The surge from the blower gives you that awesome sound to go along with the speed. I’m not sure what the horsepower is in this thing, but I’m sure it’s not too far off from some of the big boys on the drag racing circuit.


Blower Surge

Most people are fans of having a lot of blower surge in an engine, but some aren’t. But wouldn’t you want a loud sound to go along with speed? I think it just makes it more impressive. Whether you like the loud sound or not, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that a blower gives the engine more horsepower, which allows for the kind of speeds seen here with an engine that’s not gigantic.


Drag Boat Racing

When it comes to professional drag racing, there are racing classes for both unblown and blown engines like you see (and hear) here. However, most of the classes in The Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series, which is probably the most well-known professional circuit, feature blown engines with certain restrictions like engine size. There’s a Top Alcohol Flat-bottom class which is similar to the boat, although the boats here are obviously more expensive. In this division, engines may not exceed 565 cubic inches and screw blowers aren’t allowed. In the Flat-bottom class, you’re looking at speeds at around 160 mph, while the Top Fuel Hydro Class features boats that can go over 250 mph!

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