Extreme Off-Road Driving: Humvee Goes Completely Underwater!

The Humvee and its civilian counterpart the Hummer are designed to ford up to 30 inches of water. This modified Humvee, though, is about to get fully submerged in a river. Will it stall at the bottom of the river bed or power its way through to the other side? Before we find out the […]

Driver Unloads Tons of Concrete Pipe in Seconds

Unloading concrete pipe from a semi truck bed can be a long and tedious process, but this impatient truck driver has found a quick and easy shortcut. Instead of unloading the safe, traditional way, He simply uses the forward momentum of the semi truck to roll the pipe off the truck bed. This method is […]


When you think of fast boats, a pontoon boat usually doesn’t come to mind. Their rectangular shape isn’t necessarily built for speed, but one guy found a way around that: add more motors!  You’ll not only be able to see the speed, but will also be able to hear it. But before you do that, […]


Felling a tree in an open area with nothing around it is fairly straightforward—just chop and watch it fall, making sure to stay out of the way. But felling one next to a home, building, or other structure is more of a cause for concern since the tree needs to fall the right way to […]


Witness a train plow through built up snow on the train tracks. The power of a train as a physical object and make snow blowing seem like child’s play. So how does a train remove snow from the tracks? Unlike in your driveway, a train does not use a snow blower to remove snow from the […]

Crazy Canadian Ascends Kamloops Widowmaker in His GMC Sierra

Extreme off-road hill climbing is usually done with dune buggies or modified 4×4 vehicles. These vehicles are modified because standard production vehicles just aren’t built to fly up steep, bumpy hills at high speeds. Don’t try to tell that to this crazy Canadian, though. He has his mind made up to take his truck up […]

Good Samaritan Has No Clue How to Tow a Truck

Towing a vehicle isn’t always a simple process, it just doesn’t go smoothly sometimes—especially if the person towing has no clue what they’re doing. Take this guy for example, who is trying to be a good Samaritan by getting a Dodge RAM truck that has been high-centered unstuck. The guy’s Ford Ranger isn’t as big […]


Semi trucks aren’t known for their ability to handle jumps and get a lot of air, but the amount of hang time this one gets is impressive. This truck is actually going for the world record in jumping distance for a semi. Based on how far away the two dirt ramps are, this would be […]

Dad Builds Scale Replica of His D-8 CAT Bulldozer for His Lucky Son

It’s not an exact replica, but this bulldozer built from lawn mower and snowmobile parts looks pretty similar to the real deal. It not only bears the distinctive CAT colors and trademark but is also fully functional. You’ll also see that the dozer’s simple design makes it easy enough for a 2-year-old to use, as […]

How to Get 14-Ton Doosan Digger off of a Silage Pit

When making a silage pit, you typically want to build a ramp up to the top so you can easily go up and down. I guess this guy didn’t get that memo, and now his Doosan excavator is stuck on top of a pile of silage about 10 feet tall. You wonder how he even […]

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